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 Playstation EDGE angekündigt ?!?

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BeitragThema: Playstation EDGE angekündigt ?!?   Mo Jun 30 2008, 09:07

laut einem neogaf post wurde von sony heute ein neuer service für den playstation store angekündigt
playstation edge
dies soll ein system sein - mit dem ihr trophies gegen punkte eintauschen könnt
für eine platin trophäe gibts 50 punkte - gold 30 - silber 20 - bronze 10
mit firmware 2.40 kommt ein neues feature das nich selber erspielte savegames sperrt
die punkte wird man im playstation store verwenden können und mit ihnen einkaufen können

hier die angebliche presse konferenz:

LOS ANGELES, June 29, 2008 – Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) announced today the roll out specifications for PlayStation EDGE on the

PlayStation 3 video game system, (PS3™), a free additon to the PlayStation Network. PlayStation EDGE is scheduled to be launched in North America at the end of July 2008, followed by the Japanese and European launches in the fall of 2008.

PlayStatio Edge comes with a seamless integration into the already widely popular PlayStation Network® and will allow PlayStation®3 owners to use their trophies earned to receive free gifts and discounts on PlayStation Network by going to the PlayStation EDGE panel located in the PlayStation Store. Trophies may be accumulated by playing games and meeting the required critieria, 50 points will be rewarded for a platinum trophies, 30 for gold, 20 for silver and 10 for bronze.

Rewards will be given out in exchange for trophies accumulated via playthrough.Due to this, a new feature has been included with firmware 2.4 whereby game saves will be tied to the console and be non transferrable in order to create fairness.

Once enough trophy points are accumulated for a chosen item, players points will be automatically tallied and deducted via PlayStation Network and the item shipped out or debited straight to your account if it is a digital reward such as a discount or free download. All of these features can be enjoyed on one single system with multiple accounts, although saves will be tied to accounts.

PlayStation EDGE looks to improve the connection between gamers and spur exciting contests whereby players will be rewarded in game for accomplishing tasks, and also translate it into the real world in the form of free rewards. Rewards will vary from limited items to discounts or bonuses on the PlayStation Store.

Recognized as the global leader and company responsible for the progression of consumer-based computer entertainment, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI)

manufacturers, distributes and markets the PlayStation® game console and PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system.

PlayStation has revolutionized home entertainment by introducing advanced 3D graphic processing, and PlayStation 3 further enhances the PlayStation legacy as the core of home networked entertainment. SCEI, along with its subsidiary divisions Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc., Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd., and Sony Computer Entertainment Korea Inc. develops, publishes, markets and distributes software, and manages the third party licensing programs

for these platforms in the respective markets worldwide. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. is an independent business unit of the Sony Group.

da noch nichts bestätigt ist - sollte das ganze als gerücht behandelt werden !!!

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Playstation EDGE angekündigt ?!?
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